Today I'm sharing the finished pictures of my Hunter Orcs. I've really enjoyed spending the past month expanding my Hobbit collection and sharing my progress on the blog. Check out more pictures after the jump including some pictures from a recent game.

Sunday we had the first part of the tutorial where I showed how I painted the Wargs. The second part is coming this Saturday, where I explain how I paint the riders. Obviously if you're reading this in the future then Saturday has been and gone and you can just go to the tutorial links on the right. Maybe you're from the future and you've travelled back on your hoverboard? 

I converted the standard bearer and musician (more on how I did that here). I painted the banner based on the banners from the battle of Azanulbizar where Thrór was beheaded outside the gates of Moria.  The banners in the film are long and vertical and carried by Orcs on foot. My banner is mounted differently to the pole so I had the lines follow the movement of the banner instead of being vertical. A little artistic license is ok sometimes. 

As a bonus, I took some pics of a recent game I played with my Goblin Town and Troll alliance battling some pesky Elves.

I don't have time to write a full battle report. Suffice to say I lost. But one of my Trolls did slay Thurindil. It was loads of fun and I can't wait to play again. Have you played the Hobbit yet? Do you prefer smaller skirmish games with loads of heroic moments. Why not give it a go. You don't need many models and the points values for the models from the first film are available on the GW as a free download.