When I updated my Sternguard squad lately, I also took the time to retouch my dreadnought (a little bit, at least). So I seized the chance to take a couple of new pictures of this classic model. Check out more details and angles after the jump.

This is honorable brother Gaius, entombed in the third dreadnought armour of the second company. He was actually the first vehicle I painted for my Ultramarines back then, around 2009 I guess.

I added some more gold around the sarcophagus and improved the base with brown static grass which I add to all my Ultramarine models lately. I also removed the old wonky freehands and replaced them by neat transfers - three cheers for Microset. I also took care that the model now displays the correct vehicle markings - back then, when I didn't have access to a decal softener, I took liberties with markings as every additional one meant one more time-consuming freehand.

Improving the paint jobs and bases and adding the correct markings is something I want to do for all my Ultramarines over the time. I don't want my older models disgrace themselves by the more recent additions, like the bike squad or the Sternguard veterans.

And here is the dreadnought how he looked like before. How do you like the improved paint job and can you spot all the differences? ;)