Today we have a showcase of my (updated) Sternguard Veterans. The squad used to consist of just the old metal box of Sternguard, but it was recently updated with a couple of models from the new plastic kit. Check out more angles and detail pictures after the jump.


I really love the sergeant with the plume on its helmet and the hand resting on the sword grip. He feels very characterful and Ultramarine-y. Also check out the marine with the heavy flamer, for whom I mixed in some Forgeworld Mk5 armour parts. He looks really brutal with his studded armour and the huge gun, doesn't he?


The marine with the power fist is my alternate Sergeant (he is missing in the group shot, in case you were wondering). His helmet used to be white, because back then I looked about the 'Eavy Metal paintjobs. But as only sergeants can have power fists, I gave him a red helmet as the Codex Astartes prescribes. I also improved some of the highlights on the older models and added a troop number (V for fifth). One thing I noted when reworking the older metal models was how rough the original Sternguard sculpts were. Lots of proportions of limbs and armour parts that are slightly off. Juan Diaz was a great sculptor, but these models were probably quite rushed.


I took the all the pictures above with a different camera this time. It was a Nikon D5200, and the pictures came out great. I borrowed the cam from the place I work at. I'm really tempted to save for my own DSLR now ;)

And here is a picture of how the original Sternguard models looked like before. Apart from the picture quality and the slightly different colours, can you spot the differences? ;)