Happy New Year All. Last year was pretty productive for me. I have been rather busy; I painted vast amounts of Chaos Daemons, Tau and Eldar. In fact being a commission painter, I don’t have so much choice in what I paint (its quite upsetting as I am still trying to paint my Chaos army), it’s pretty much what my customers would like and of course the new releases. So don’t be surprised to see my month to photo ratio go along with which models were released at the time : )

The models I liked the most this year were the Dark Angels, Tau and the Lizardmen. I especially enjoyed painting the Carnosaur. In terms of my business there were a few new developments. First of all I upgraded most of my equipment, which helped a lot. And secondly and mainly I have now my wife helping me a lot of the time putting models together and doing my accounting for me. Other than that I put together all my Chaos army over Xmas and will probably have to wait till next Xmas to paint them. It took forever (hence sad picture above of a typical day, I'm joking!!) : ) Below are models that I liked throughout the months of 2013!!!













For 2014 so far I foresee a lot of Tyranids (very soon). And for sure a lot more Chaos Daemons and Dark Elves and Kill teams, which are schedules for later! I’m sure 2014 will be a great year for releases from GW and Forgeworld! Already I love FW Typhon and will purchase him and will also buy a ton of Zombies mixed with FW miltia bodies to complement. I really hope you guys have a great 2014 in everything :) You will :)

What models are you looking forward to in 2014?