For the last couple of days I've worked on test models for my new upcoming Eldar army, which will belong to craftworld Iybraesil. Those that follow this blog for a longer time know that I already own a Saim-Hann army of a reasonable size. So why comes this sudden change to Iybraesil? Well, with the new Eldar releases of last year, it occured to me to start something fresh. My brushwork skills have improved since I painted the majority of my Saim-Hann models, and I own an airbrush by now, which helps painting Eldar vehicles immensely. A new craftworld also means a new paint scheme, so I can refine and improve what I learnt about painting Eldar so far.

As you can see above, the paint and basing style are still pretty similar to my Saim-Hann craftworld, so the Iybraesil additions feel like an allied contigent, sort of. For this reason, I want to concentrate on units that are absent in my Saim-Hann collection in the beginning, for example Wraithguard, Rangers, Hornets and War Walkers. Eventually, the Iybraesil part of my Eldar collection will grow to a fully-fledged army. Due to the same basing, they'll even work as allies for my Dark Eldar, so I might end up with an epic army of all kinds of pointy-ears one day ;)

What do you think?