Have you ever heard the term "first world problems"? Well this post may come across a little "Oh woe is me, I have too many models to paint". Please don't take it that way, I know I'm lucky to be able to afford this hobby and I don't take it for granted at all. In this blog entry I want to talk about succumbing to the latest shiny model and the consequences. More after the jump.

Ever feel like this?

I recently had a burst of Hobbit activity. I dropped my Black Legion and Necrons and got caught up in the hype of the second Hobbit movie. I bought Trolls, Mirkwood Elves, Hunter Orcs, Azog and Fimbul. It was great, I had so much fun painting them and adding them to my collection. However in the back of my mind I had the dreaded "to do list' niggling away. While I was painting the Hobbit models I was still buying more models. I bought the Eldar Ghost Warrior box set and Haruspex. So even though I finished my Hobbit models I feel like my "to do list" has grown and it's about to get worse if I cave in and buy an Imperial Knight.

Some kind of painting nightmare.

I need to fix this feeling of dread. The hobby is suppose to be fun, at the moment it's turning into a chore as I try to churn through more projects. What I really need is a servo-harness with twin-linked paint brushes, sadly that's not an option so first things first, I'm going to place an embargo on myself. I will not buy anymore models until I have met some deadlines. For example, no Imperial Knight until I've painted 20 Orks, 40 Gretchen (grots) a Heldrake and a Haruspex.

The second thing I'm going to do to alleviate the problem is clear my desk of unpainted models. Instead surround myself with recently painted models. This will trick my brain into thinking I'm more productive then I actually am.

Feeling better already.

The third trick will be to break the "to do list" down into manaegable goals and do a couple of quick achievable projects so it feels like I'm actually getting somewhere. I might pick up five Orks and the Haruspex next and try to paint them as quickly as possible. The Haruspex is the only Tyranid model I own which isn't painted, so it would be great to complete that. I really want to complete my Second Edition Boxset so I want to start on the Orks and Gretchen sooner rather than later. I want to come up with a fast batch paint scheme which looks awesome and is quick to do, completing this huge project will will be a massive achievement.

Fourth and final trick is to sell off some models. This is a last resort but I feel I can do this with my Necrons. I don't need the Necron Warriors or the Tomb Blades because the army is complete. It does feel rubbish to sell off some of the contents of the Megaforce, but I won't get round to painting them and the money can go towards something I want to paint like a Tyranid Harpy or the Imperial Knight.

Oh well, I best crack on, these models aren't going to paint themselves. What tricks and tips do you have for dealing with the strain of painting.