You may have recently seen the review and tutorial for this awesome model on the blog. Now that he's finished I'm pleased to present the showcase post with all the different photo angles and my thoughts on this model.

Traditionally, we post our showcase models on white backgrounds so we have some consistency. Azog is already quite pale (he is called the pale Orc after all) so I thought I'd post both white and black backgrounds. 

Painting this model was a refreshing change. I don't normally use a white undercoat, but it made complete sense to in this case. He was a very different challenge to the Wargs I recently painted. The warts were all dark colours so you just have to highlight up. Where as thys guy you had to shade down and then highlight back up to white. 

I really like the battle damage to the Warg. It looks painful and fresh. It really helps break up all the white with a strong spot colour. I'm also pleased with the slate base. The model is now even more intimidating and imposing. The extra height means he absolutely dwarfs a... er... dwarf.  


Above you can see the various angles of the mounted and dismounted model of Azog. I prefer the mounted one, it's really dynamic. 

Azog's Warband is complete and features the Pale Orc himself leading 6 Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs and 6 Fell Wargs. A worthy war band to add to my Evil collection. 

Next up an Elf Warband for my Good side.