Fimbul is Yazneg's Lieutenant. After Yazneg is thrown to the Wargs for his failures, Fimbul the Hunter becomes Azog's right hand man. This vicious orc carries a rusty Orc scimitar blade and wears gruesome bloodied, bone armour. After the jump you can see more pictures, read my thoughts and I also share a group shot of Azog's Warband! 


Mounted Fimbul is a great model. The Warg has a galloping stance and it's vicious maw is wide open ready to bite an enemy. I decided to paint Fimbul's Warg black. I really liked the idea that Azog rides the White Warg and Fimbul rides the black Warg. It also really helps this villain stand out from the standard Hunter Orcs I painted on brown Wargs.

I used my Hunter Orc tutorial to paint most of Fimbul and I used the rusty metal part of the Goblin tutorial to paint his leg armour and blade. Because Fimbul is so similar to the Hunter Orcs I didn't create a tutorial for this model. 

Here is my collection of the Azog's Hunters Warband. So far I have Azog, Fimbul, 6 Hunter Orcs on Wargs and 6 Fell Wargs. I have no plans to add to this at the moment but when I do it will probably be some Hunter Orcs on foot.