First, I need to apologize to everyone for utterly failing on the third part of my tutorial on how I painted these models. I am not going to post the photos as they are just too poor to be much help to anyone. This was my first attempt at a true step by step painting tutorial and I didn't plan things like I should have. I wasn't happy with the quality of the first two steps and the third batch was even worse. The whole experience leaves me with a renewed appreciation for Garfy and Stahly's excellent tutorials. The next tutorial I do WILL be better, I promise ... I hope ... *gulp*

Since the Las Vegas open banned special characters (boo, hiss) Skarsnik wasn't able to come out and play. That left me with a fair chunk of points that I had to fill. I considered taking Trolls but in the interest of the armies theme I went with five extra Night Goblin Big Bosses. The three below here were part of that.

First up is the Night Goblin Warboss with Great Weapon and a trophy rack. This guy must have been in a battle where Queek was running amuck. He must have thought to himself that with his own trophy rack he would be awesome too. He was right, it makes him super awesome.

So, yeah, I know that this is a Shaman but for LVO I needed one more great weapon. Since a Night Goblin Big Boss comes naked save their robe I didn't need any armor sculpted on the model. So then I figured I could paint his staff with a metal pokey bit instead of a yellow moon and count it. Looks like a great weapon now ... right ... maybe. 

This guy is pretty sweet and I just love the floppy hood and double moon weapon. I wish I had put him on a big rock like the other guy though. Would make him a bit more imposing. Overall I don't think that the extra Big Bosses actually did much in my games. The points likely could have been better spent on five trolls. It was nice to have a reason to paint them up though. 

The Las Vegas Open was a great event in a city that is a blast to visit. I would highly recommend it to others looking for a great destination tournament. I however will likely not go again if special characters are not allowed. I just want to bring the toys I like to play with. 

... oh, and I won Best Painted with the army :)