One of my local buddies started up a new Warhammer Fantasy podcast and invited me to help co-host. It is named Dimensional Cascade after our local forum. Give it a listen if you dare and if you live in Washington state please pop onto the forum to say hi. We have started a segment called "The Pit" where we take two special characters and have them smash each other up in an arena death match. We got the idea after a lot of theory-hammer with the new Belegar Ironhammer rules. I am not really sure how poor Skarsnik got paired to fight against Belegar in the first match, someone must of had a grudge. It was pretty sad for me to watch my favorite general and his cuddly faithful pet Gobbla get smeared against the arena walls by the ultimate Dwarf tank.

So, now Belegar sits all smug and happy as the reigning champion of The Pit. We have a Dwarf that needs his beard trimmed ... at the neck. Bring in our next contender, one that has a real chance, a small one, but still a chance. Queek Headtaker, come forth! Wait wait wait, hold on! Here, let me paint you really quick ... you can't go into The Pit in naught but your primer silly Skaven ... (insert painting noises here) ... there, (slap on the bumm) go get 'em killer!

So my goal is to paint each new contender for The Pit. Since we will be recording about every two weeks this is very doable and gives my hobby some much needed variety. Queek here was sitting primed in my cabinet for the last couple years and it was a lot of fun to knock him out. 

I wish I had a Belegar Ironhammer model to show you all but they sold out in my local GW stores in hours so I am still waiting for my ordered one to come in. For the first match we used one of my old Dwarf models as proxie. As soon as Belegar gets in I will slap some paint on him and get him ready to defend his place of honor.

Episode 4 of the Dimensional Cascade podcast will have the death match for Queek Headtaker and Belegar Ironhammer so check back if it isn't there now.

Personally I really want Queek to avenge Skarsnik for me. Who would you cheer for?