This is a test model for a small allied Blood Angels contingent I want to add to my Ultramarines over the year. If you read my last post, you know that I actually wanted to paint a couple of Eldar Rangers next. But I enjoyed painting the Iybraesil test models (and keeping records for a tutorial which is scheduled for Saturday) so much, that I started painting this Mk4 assault Blood Angel from Forgeworld (who will be tutorial material as well, so stay tuned).

For my Blood Angels I want to add a couple of Forgeworld kits for variety, so that they will stand apart more from my Ultramarines. I thought the Mk4 assault squad models would be great for Blood Angels, as they use the same style of jump pack as Sanguinary Guard. I'm not too fond of the legs though, they are much slimmer than GW marine legs. Well, as Blood Angels are often dubbed "emo marines" I guess armour with skinny fit legs suit them well, doesn't it? ;)