Belegar Ironhammer. True King of the Eight Peaks. Champion of The Pit. A model of extraordinary detail and character. Better run and hide Skarsnik. Skitterleap up on outta here Queek. He is done and ready to smash face as he purges his ancestral home of the filthy Goblin and Skaven menace.

First let me start with the things I don't like about this model:

That's right, NOTHING! Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate but as far as I'm concerned GW got this bro is perfect. 

According to the fluffy bits of the new Dwarf book the colors for Karak Eight Peaks are red and purple. The artwork for Belegar shows him trimmed in red only but I liked the idea of including some nice royal purple. 

This model has definitely inspired me to collect and paint some of the other new Dwarfs models to add to my small collection. The new releases filled the need for detailed elites in plastic.  

Episode 4 of the Dimensional Cascade podcast is up now with The Pit match for Queek Headtaker and Belegar Ironhammer. Subscribe and when episode 5 pops up you can hear if Chakax is able to unseat the reigning champion Belegar.

If there is a special character you would like to see me paint to fight in The Pit post it below. For this round I will be cheering for Chakax.