In this post I want to present you some group pictures of the small Ranger squad I finished recently for my Craftworld of Iybraesil. More angles and details after the jump.

I remember the most time-consuming part of these models were the coats, which involved a lot of layers and blendings. I started with a basecoat of old Khemri Brown, layered Zandri Dust, started to blend in Formula P3 Jack Bone for the first highlights and added some Pallid Wych Flesh for the final highlight. The camouflage are dots of P3 Battlefield Brown and Menoth White Highlight. The other parts of the models were painted exactly as laid out as in this tutorial.

I had a hard time with the camouflage. In the end I went for a more stylised camo instead of a realistic one. Painting camouflage on models is a tightrope walk, as you actually want your models to stand out and not to blend in.

The Ranger sculpts are all very lovely. I also bought the sixth Ranger model that doesn't come with the box set for some reason. The only thing I don't like about them is that all the backpacks are the same. To avoid the repetiton, I only gave a single Ranger a backpack and closed the gaps with green stuff on the other ones. Originally I thought this could denote the squad leader, but then I learnt that in the new codex there are no Ranger squad leaders anymore.

How do you like the look of this unit? I guess I want to paint some Wraithguard next (after I finished the Stormtalon of course).