Chakax the Eternity Warden. This guy has been sitting as naked metal on my shelf for at least five years now. Two things came up that gave me a reason to tickle him with my brush. First I needed a test model for my Temple Guard and Saurus color scheme. 

The second was that I thought he would make a great contender for The Pit on the Dimensional Cascade podcast. Belegar made quick work of Skarsnik and Queek both. While I doubt that Chakax has a much better chance one of the guys did some mathammer and thinks his high toughness makes it almost a 50/50.

I was a little trepidatious about using a character model for a test model. Usually I save them and center piece models for the end of a project when I know for sure what I am doing. In this case I don't think it matters much. This guy has such deep relief I could paint over him probably five times before it would start to lose detail. 

In the end I am pretty happy with him but I may do another test model to push more to a natural green/blue hue and then decide which I like better. The GW paint range doesn't have what I envision so I may look to Vallejo or it be a custom mix. I really wanted to have the spine and dorsal line scales brown and blend to the blue and that turned out well.

I also tried mixing gold colors too making some a bit more bronze and some a bit more true gold. It seemed to help see the details better.

Episode 4 of the Dimensional Cascade podcast is up now with The Pit match for Queek Headtaker and Belegar Ironhammer. Subscribe and when episode 5 pops up you can hear if Chakax is able to unseat the reigning champion Belegar.

If there is a special character you would like to see me paint to fight in The Pit post it below. For this round I will be cheering for Chakax.