Today I want to present you the pictures of the Stormtalon I just finished for my Ultramarines. For those that didn't follow my progress, I tried to address some of the criticism that the model received when it was released, such as the front-heavy appearance, with some careful conversion work. Check out more pictures of the result after the jump.

Here you can catch a better glimpse at the pilot. I didn't want to paint the pilot as a Techmarine, as I feel that Techmarines have more important tasks in a chapter than flying small attack crafts. Instead, I added some Mk4 armour parts from Forge World for bonus style points. The look of the rebreather unit of the Mk4 helmet reminded me of breathing masks that jet pilots wear.

In these pictures you can see how I changed the silhouette of the Stormtalon by shortening the lower rear fin and streamlining the front by removing the turret and putting the assault cannons in the newly formed gap. I feel the model looks less front-heavy now, yet I'm still not a fan of the design of the lascannon pods. I feel that Predator style side sponsons would have been much better.

By the way, notice how I wrongly assembled the lascannon pods. I was following the directions for building the missile launcher pods at the beginning. I was able to add the power cells nonetheless, but I wasn't able to remove the exhaust grill at the back that is meant to be a match for the missile launchers, as the glue had already set. Well, at least it's not too noticable if you don't know the difference.

So, how do you like the paint job and my modifications to the model? Tell me in the comments :) Do you also got Stormtalon conversions/modifications to share?