Hey guys, after I've finished the Stormtalon last week I started working on a unit of Wraithguard,  in a classic Wraithcannon flavour. So far I assembled the models, applied the base colors with my airbrush and painted the base texture. As you can see, I added some broken scenery to a couple of bases. According to the little blurb about Iybraesil in the Eldar codex, craftworld Iybraesil is very active in retrieving the secrets of the crone worlds, so I thought adding some broken Eldar (and High Elves) statues would fit their theme well.

The Wraithguards' heads will be black (with a white infinity circuit rune I'm gonna add later), which I have taken from Forge World's Mymeara paint scheme. Looking forward to slap some paint on them, I really love those models. They are quite huge, too, much taller than a Terminator. Who has painted some of the new Wraithguard models already?