A very quick and dirty WIP shot of my Imperial Knight. Just the base colours and a little shading and highlighting applied using my airbrush. Eagle eyed readers will remember that I said I was going to paint to 40 Gretchen next... well they're still going ahead. I was base coating the Gretchen so I thought while the airbrush was loaded with black undercoat spray I'd undercoat my Knight, one thing led to another and I ended up with this! Read on for some links to some of my airbrush articles.

If you're new to airbrushing these links might help:
Guide to Dual Action Airbrushes
Review RDG Tools Airbrush and Compressor 
Review Vallejo Surface Primer
Review RDG Tools 3 in 1 Airbrush Cleaning Pot
Review Spray Booth and Extractor
Review RDG Tools Airbrush Cleaning Wires

Once you're familiar with airbrushing why not try out these tutorials:
Tutorial Airbrushing Necron Vehicles  - Includes thinning your paints with Tamiya X-20A thinners
Tutorial Painting Ultramarine Vehicles
Project Overview Thunderhawk Gunship - This article offers quick links to every single step of building and painting a Thunderhawk Gunship. Lots of airbrushing advice such as basecoating, shading, misting, masking off etc.