Hey all :), If you read my review of the Imperial Knight you would know that I have two of them that I am currently painting up. And hopefully should have them both finished in the next few days. The one above is still in its early stages. You will have to excuse the photo as I quickly shot it using my mobile phone and the lighting is not the best. But by showcase for both of them I will have better quality photos. For this one I used Vallejo liquid old gold and silver for the first time which was a blast as they are really shine. Normally I would rely on standard Vallejo metal paints, but thought for this model I would give the liquid paints a go as I have always wanted to mess around with them. Anyway the model still has a long way to go as clean cut and naked as he looks. Its time to get dirty for this one. ABC Warrior style :)

What do you guys think so far? Are you excited for the new codex and companion book?