After a brief break to assemble my Imperial Knight, I'm now painting my Haruspex again and I've made really good progress. All the red is complete, as is the fleshy tendrils and the purple vents and tongue. I'm really enjoying the traditional brush approach and I'm not using an airbrush at all. I brushwork is a great way of demonstrating control, stamina and determination. More after the jump.

I really love this model, it brings horror back to the Tyranid race. Imagine being grasped and pulled inside it's gaping maw and slowly digested alive amongst the dissolved carcasses of your comrades.

I think I'll work on the bone blends next leaving the carapace until last. When it's finished I need to decide what to work on next. Will it be the Imperial Knight or should I jump head first into the the 40 Gretchen and 20 Ork boyz from the 2nd edition box set?