I finished the Ranger squad for my craftworld Iybraesil recently, so I thought it's time for some boys in blue again. I chose to paint a model that I picked up during my trip to London and Warhammer World last year: the Stormtalon. I wasn't too fond of the model when it was released. In fact I hated it, because of the strange proportions and all the weird angles and features of the hull that make the model unnecessarily complex. I like my marine vehicles boxy and angular. While all of Forgeworld's recent flyershave been brilliant, I feel GW struggles with designing flyers. In terms of looks, there isn't a single original flyer kit from GW yet that I'm fully satisfied with.

Anyways, after having seen a couple of conversions and modifications from other hobbyists, I felt confident that I would be able to change the model more to my liking. The tutorials from Gnoks and Beasts of War were good starting points for this. As you can see, I removed the underslung assault cannon turret and put the assault cannons in the gap for a less front-heavy silhouette. To offset these changes I also shortened the lower fin at the rear. I like the sleeker silhouette much more. I still don't think the model is perfect, but some air support will be a welcome addition to my Ultramarines after all.

How do you like the look of the Stormtalon? Have you converted yours as well or seen a great conversion? Tell me in the comments before it's too late ;)