With the excitement of being in this week's White Dwarf magazine dying down, it's back to work on project 2nd edition. While the Space Marines in the picture above come to a scratchy, bitey death at the hands of these untrustworthy grots, I also come to the end of painting all 40 Gretchin from the 2nd edition Warhammer 40,000 box set. This is a big milestone and I'm pleased to have ticked this part of the project off of the list. More pictures after the jump. 

The last ten Grots featured red sleeves to help break up the monotony of the same pose sculpts. 

All 40 complete and ready for the Armageddon Wars. Just 20 Orks, a Ork Dreadnought and the ruins left to paint. I think I'll work on them in this order. 20 Orks, then the dreadnought and finally the terrain pieces I made. Completing the 20 Orks next will be a big milestone, because that will mean all 80 models included in the box will be complete! Watch this space.