Happy easter guys! Today I present you you the finished squad of Eldar Wraithguard for my craftworld Iybraesil warhost. Check out more angles and detail pictures after the jump.

Overall I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I feel changing the colour of the heads from black to white was the right decision in the end.

As you can see I used a couple of Eldar and High Elf rubble pieces for the bases, a theme I plan to expand on further models. Craftworld Iybraesil is very active in exploring the secrets of the crone worlds, so I felt some ancient pieces of Eldar architecture would suit their theme well.


I'm a big fan of the models and for me, they were the best models from the Eldar release of last year. They are just like mini Wraithlords. I also like the size of them, they even tower above Terminators. The only grip I had with them were the torsos, which were a bit ill-fitting and quite a lot liquid green stuff was needed to cover all the gaps.

How do you like my Wraithguard? Tell me in the comments!