Batch 3 is complete. I'm steaming along now on project 2nd edition. Just ten left to paint. After the jump I want to share with you guys and gals my solution for replacing the cardboard terrain pieces in the second edition box set.

As you know, I replaced the cardboard dreadnought with a 2nd edition Ork Dreadnought model. I thought to myself, why stop there? The cardboard terrain doesn't sit right with me so I'll be replacing it with Cities of Death ruins. Luckily I had lots of these spare.

I would need to match the cardboard ruins for size and quantity if I was to be able to faithfully recreate the scenarios (Battle for Armeggedon) that are included in the box set game. 

In total their are twenty cardboard ruins. All are L shape corners but fourteen have one long edge and one short edge. Two are the same L shapes as before but have a raised platform and the final four are much smaller corners made up of two short edges. 

I've used Warhammer Fantasy movement trays to base the larger pieces. I didn't base the smaller pieces so they can placed inside the larger ruins as internal walls if need be. I did add a couple of ladders to the raised platforms because it makes sense. 

Here's a little bonus shot showing the Tactical squad in an elevated position raining down hell on the Gretchin cowering in cover. 

What do you think of my solution to the cardboard conundrum? Do you like it, or do you think I should have popped the cardboard pieces out and used those?