Today marks just one week until the dice drop on my third WHFB tournament "Sparkle Party Death Match 3, Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun!" I assembled these trophies with blocks cast from Hirst Arts molds, the Mad Dayn dice bearer models from Scibor and few pieces of styrene. In the previous SPDMs I put these on the top three tables as statue terrain. The dice are removable so these make the perfect turn counters as well. I strive to have all my awards be something functional.

I absolutely love Hirst Arts molds and if you love Legos you will love them too. You can build so much with them. The Scibor Dwarfs are full of detail but the scale on them is way too large to be incorporated or mixed into a GW Dwarf army. They easily stand as tall as an Empire human but for use as statues they are perfect. 

I left the brass plaques blank so players can add their own names if they choose.