Here he is in all his golden glory. Prince Sigvald the Magnificent, the Chosen Scion of Slaanesh and soon to be Champion of The Pit (by my predictions anyways).

The model itself is really nice I just wish I had sourced a metal version from eBay instead of the Limp Cast one I used. His rapier was bent like a scimitar and even after heat bending it and coating it in a thin layer of CA+ it is already bending back. If he was a model from an army I actually played I would take the time to make a metal or styrene blade and swap it out. Other than that the detail around the rest of the model was exceptional and virtually bubble free so I shouldn't complain too much.

I think the part I liked painting the most was his hair. Rather than try to build up the highlights I started with Screaming Skull overall as a base and then carefully painted various Shades into the recesses and between strands. I think it came out looking a nice, clean, strawberry blonde. I am fairly sure this was easier than trying to get my brush to ride each of the high points. 

Another thing I did for the first time was to use three different varnishes. I put gloss on the metal bits, and the snakes but was careful to keep it out of recesses. I didn't want a glossy highlight in the dark areas. The cloth and skin got a coat of a matte and for the hair I used a satin. The effect this gives the model doesn't translate to these static 2D shots. When held in hand or viewed on the table it makes the metals really pop and play with the natural lighting. The shield looks almost mirror like which matches the fluff perfectly.

I really feel like taking my time with models I never would have painted for my armies is helping me tryout some new techniques and get better at old ones. Still there is something about Sigvald that makes me feel like I need a shame-shower now that I have completed him … the guy is just a creep. 

Episode 5 of the Dimensional Cascade podcast is up now with The Pit match for Chakax and Belegar Ironhammer. Subscribe and when episode 6 pops up you can hear if Sigvald is able to unseat the reigning champion Belegar.

If there is a special character you would like to see me paint to fight in The Pit, post it below. For this round I will be cheering for Belegar. I will never cheer for Chaos!