Having fought and escaped Gollum, Bilbo is now in possession of the One Ring. He has the ability to vanish from sight. It makes complete sense to represent this ability in the Strategy Battle Game with your very own Bilbo wearing the Ring model. In this tutorial I go into detail on how to paint Master Baggins. Read on for the full 21 step tutorial.

Each picture below shows six chronological steps. Underneath each picture are the corresponding instructions. Each step shows the paint I used during that step. it's good to have reference material close to hand to check colours. I used google images for film stills and Games Workshop's 360º pictures on their website were a great help.

Paints you will need for this tutorial.

Imperial Primer (technical)
Lahmian Medium (technical)
XV88 (base)
Stirland Mud (texture)

1. I hand undercoated the model with Imperial Primer. I didn't want to risk clogging the details with spray. 
2. I painted all the skin areas with Lahmian Medium. Don't forget the ears like I did. 
3. I wanted to give my skin a see through tone so I lightly glazed it with Lahmian Medium.
4. I then highlight the skin with Lahmian Medium.
5. One final highlight used sparingly of Lahmian Medium.
6. The hair was painted with a couple of coats of Lahmian Medium.

7. Wash the hair with Lahmian Medium.
8. Highlight the hair with Lahmian Medium.
9. Paint the waistcoat with Lahmian Medium.
10. Highlight the waistcoat with Lahmian Medium. 
11. The trousers are then painted with Lahmian Medium.
12. Shade the trousers with watered down Lahmian Medium. Lahmian Medium is great for thinning your Lahmian Medium. 

13. Highlight the trousers with Lahmian Medium and paint the scarf with this colour.
14. Highlight the scarf with Lahmian Medium.
15. If you're feeling brave enough, paint the scarf pattern on with Lahmian Medium. It's just some microscopic lines and dots. Dot the spots with some Lahmian Medium.
16. Use Lahmian Medium to paint the jacket.
17. Watered down Lahmian Medium is used to shade the jacket in the same way the trousers were shaded.
18. Highlight the jacket with Lahmian Medium.

19. Paint Bilbo's sword Sting with Lahmian Medium. This blade is so small it doesn't require a lot of work. I just shaded lightly with very watered down Lahmian Medium. Don't forget to paint Bilbo's buttons with Lahmian Medium as well. 
20. Paint the base with the Citadel Texture paint of your choice. I chose Stirland Mud. 
21. I painted the base rim with XV-88, and highlighted the texture with Baneblade brown. Some static grass and scrub was added to finish the model off. 

This model was an absolute joy to paint. You can really see that the effort paid off. To see the other 23 Hobbit tutorials including Bilbo without his Ring, click this link here

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