Next up on my paint station is this squad of five Incubi. It's not that I hate working with metal models, but these models were challenging to put together, because they had so many small parts. Yet I'm happy that I got the Incubi in metal, as it meant I could easily bend pieces in place when needed. I feel those thin back vanes or klaives would break if you give them a wry look. In fact, the klaive of the Incubi on the far left almost broke off at the place where you can see the green stuff, I had to put a piece of plasticard underneath to stabilise it. Not beautiful, but it's not visible from most angles.

Also notice the Klaivex conversion. It's not a new idea, you can see similar conversions around the internet. It's a Hellion's helglaive cut apart and one of the Archon's heads. It's a shame that the box doesn't come with proper parts to mark a Klaivex, but I feel this conversion will do. What do you think?