I've assembled my Ork Dreadnought. It's interesting working on a model that is 20 years old. I've drilled out the barrels, added a greenstuff banner and bought a 60mm base for him. I think he looks awesome already. Read on to find out how I will be painting that tricky hard to reach pilot. 

I really wanted the lid open on the Dread so you could see the pilot. It's a great detail and would be a tragic shame just to leave it out and glue the lid shut. So I assembled the model but never glued the front half of the Dread body on. This gives me perfect access to the pilot. I pinned the hatch lid in place because it would have been a fragile join without a pin. 

The banner was just rolled out greenstuff that once it had cured I cut out the shape. More on that in this introduction to Greenstuff.

He never came with a base because they never made a round base big enough. During the late 80s and 90s creatures like Hive Tyrants and Screamer Killers use to be based on large square fantasy bases. I really like seeing this classic mini on a large round base. The base decoration is there as a scale reference. I like doing this a lot with my models. A human skull is a universal size and it instantly makes this killer trashcan look huge. Plus you can never have enough skulls on a Citadel Miniature.