I just finished painting the Wraithguard but wasn't able to take proper showcase pictures of them yet, so I thought I'm gonna share my next project instead. It's a kind of an in-between project, as I've picked an older squad of tactical marines that I painted years ago, and just as with my Sternguard, I'm gonna bring the models up to date. That means improving the highlights, removing or reworking any wonky freehands, adding all the missing insignia and also adding some brown static grass. There are a lot more Ultramarine models in my collection that need to be updated, so every now and then I'm gonna pick one model or unit until my whole collection feels cohesive again. A labour of love, but I think it'll be worth it in the end. Above you can see the first five models of the squad.

Do you also improve older models every now and then, or can't you be bothered with old paint jobs? Tell me in the comments!