Hey guys, check out the pictures of my finished squad of Dark Eldar Incubi, painted in the colours of the kabal of the Last Hatred. More pictures and angles after the jump.

Overall I really enjoyed painting these models. It was nice to go back to my Dark Eldar army as I'm still quite happy with my paint scheme. However, with these models I realized how much more I enjoy painting plastic models, as the sculpting is more accurate thanks to the 3-ups and digital assistance. These Incubi were metal and the cast was quite rough on some of the models, reminding me that not only Finecast had casting issues.

Assembling the models was challenging, and I was thankful that I didn't get them in resin, because otherwise bending parts in place wouldn't have been as easy. Some parts like the klaives and the trophy racks are also very flimsy, and I managed to break off the klaive of the one with the klaive aiming downwards. I had to glue a piece of plasticard underneath, it can't be seen on the pictures but from some angles the klaive looks pretty nasty.

For the Klaivex conversion I used a spare head that comes with the Archon blister, and a helglaive from the Hellion kit cut in two.

As to the painting, I closely followed the tutorial I created for Kabalite Warriors. Differently to the 'Eavy Metal paint jobs I chose to paint the face masks in bone instead of white, as I felt that the models already had enough spot colours going on. I'm pleased how the glowing eyes turned out on the light bone shade. The base colour of the bone is Formula P3 Jack Bone, to create the effect I mixed Jack Bone with Reaper Master Series Mint Green and a little bit of white and applied the mix around the eyes. Finally I highlighted with pure Mint Green.

How do you like my Incubi? Tell me in the comments!