The latest contender in the Dimensional Cascade Podcast is Shadowblade, the Dark Elven assassin. Without question one of the best character models GW has ever produced.

Not a whole lot to say about this guy. It is just plain amazing and so fun to paint.
I followed the studios paint scheme with the exception of the last final high contrast highlight.

So, if you are a subscriber to the podcast you will likely already know that Shadowblade and Sigvald ended up killing each other simultaneously. I actually was hoping Shadowblade would survive Sigvald but either way works. With the death of both the reigning champion and the challenger we have decided to fill The Pit with some heavy weight contenders. The lovely Wood Elves, Durthu and ... well, not sure yet. If you have a model you would like to see go toe-to-toe with Durthu let me know below. The prospect of painting two big monsters has me drooling :D

Episode 8 of the Dimensional Cascade podcast is up now with The Pit match for Sigvald the Magnificent vs. Shadowblade. Check it out!

If there is a special character you would like to see me paint to fight in The Pit, post it below.