I have been doing a lot of casting and building with my Hirst Arts molds lately in preparation for SPDM4. This small fieldstone cottage is my latest creation.

It painted up quick and easy with the airbrush using assorted Golden High Flow Acrylics and a dry brush of their Heavy Body Titan Buff. When it comes to painting large areas and terrain I prefer these more economical paints over all others I have tried. I highly recommend the High Flow line for those that airbrush or want to make large amounts of washes.

The roof is removable and ready to be furnished incase I ever want to play Mordheim or another skirmish type game.

Here you can see the different materials used. Plaster cast in the Hirst Arts molds, wooden coffee stir sticks, a few pieces of square balsa, some scrap card stock and vacuum formed plasticard for the shingles on the roof.