Alith Anar, the Shadow King. Ruler of Tor Anlec and a realm shattered in The Sundering, now leader of the Shadow Warriors and their unending war against their Dark Elf brethren. He is also the latest contender of The Pit.

So, I will confess to not really liking this model at all. The fluff and book artwork for him are incredible, dark and heroic. But like virtually every model in the High Elf range it suffers from archaic art direction and the disparity between that and the model is enormous. The road-kill pose aside it is plagued with horrid cartoony proportions and ornamentation. I wish that GW had scrapped the whole line, created a new art direction and remastered the whole book with this latest release much like they did with Wood Elves back in 2006. 

All that aside I wanted to try and tone him down and make him look more like a Shadow Warrior. All fabric is done with some low value of grey or blue-grey instead of the stark white and bright blue of the GW example.

The metals I tried to keep subtle … you know, to hide in shadows better … but with the shear amount showing on him it was hard to understate. By the time I got to the gems I gave up and just painted them bright, red on weapons (you know, for the blood they will shed :P ), blue on armor and purple on ornaments. 

My girlfriend tried to put a positive spin on it. "Maybe it doesn't matter he is covered in a million shiny bits because he is just soooo good at hiding in shadows. His enemies are all like … wtf!?! how did we NOT see that coming!? Right before he shoots them in the face and it is all part of his head game." If you think about it like that ... then it isn't too bad of a sculpt. :)

Episode 6 + 7 of the Dimensional Cascade podcast are up now with The Pit matches for Sigvald the Magnificent vs. Belegar Ironhammer and Anlith Anar vs. Sigvald the Magnificent.

If there is a special character you would like to see me paint to fight in The Pit, post it below.