Today we continue the showcase of my winter themed Wood Elves army with the unit of Eternal Guard.

There are 15 models here but I actually have 16 painted. The unit is magnetized for the first three ranks and the last guy just sits off the back. Since he is a duplicate of others in the unit I left him off for this.

When it came to sculpting fur on this unit I decided not to. Now so many year later I can't remember if it was a design decision or laziness. Looking at them now I don't think they need it but I could have added some to the boots at least.

I really do like these models a lot and think that they even hold up next to the new plastics. They do of course suffer from flatness and disproportionate hands but otherwise are very well done. Plenty of variety in poses and details.

I never did go back and add freehand to the banner. Sorry.