These Glade Riders are the second unit in the review of my winter themed Wood Elves. Keep in mind that this army was built to play WHFB 7th Edition so the units are usually small by today's standards. The entire collection is only a little over 2000 points using the old book which at the time was the standard game size. The new book may lower points making the army even smaller ... a great excuse to add more models!

Like the Glade Guard fur was added to the hoods, boots and capelets. On these guys I tried to make the fur look like it was blowing backward to match the dynamic fast looking poses of the horses.

The horses were painted like the American Painted Horse for the perfect winter camouflage.

Perhaps my favorite thing about these models is that those shooting still have their spears on their backs. Very cool look. None of the back pieces have a bow however so if the elf is holding a spear I had to shave a bow down and add it to the back for continuity.