Continuing the showcase series of my winter themed Wood Elves. Today I would like to share with you all my first unit of Wardancers. I was super happy to see that these sculpts continue as is. They are packed with dynamic energy and oh so pokey. My hope is that they can now be taken at larger unit sizes ... I guess we will find later today :)

Because of the winter theme I painted areas that would normally be naked skin as cloth. Nothing says ultimate killing machine like skin tight body suits, right?

They are a little flat when viewed from the side but that could easily be fixed by clipping the tag and positioning some at angles different than the standard slotta base. At the time did these I was still scared of such things.

The uppers of the boots where the only place I had to sculpt the fur on. Otherwise these bros rely on the warming effects of the endless calisthenics their dances provide.

I actually have two more models in this unit but they are duplicate sculpts and wouldn't fit on this tray so I didn't bother to shoot them with the rest.