If you've been following my 2nd edition project, you'll know I recently declared that I wouldn't be using the cardboard ruins from the boxset and instead I would be making my own proxies from the Cities of Death plastic ruins. These are my painted test pieces. More details after the jump.

I've painted the terrain pieces in a very sympathetic way to the original card pieces. I didn't go for a bright yellow brick, instead I've chosen a yellowy brown. I think it's a little more grim dark but is still a nice homage.

To paint the pieces I undercoated the ruins black. Then using my airbrush I gave them a couple of light dustings of Dark Reaper. I then adjusted the airbrush for a smaller, narrower spray and concentrated the Dark Reaper onto the raised areas. Then I sprayed the flatter walls with XV88. I then dry brushed the grey areas with Russ Grey and the brown areas with Balor Brown. Finally, I drybrushed the whole piece with the dry compound Terminatus Stone. 

What do you think? Any suggestions?