Next up on my painting station is an Eldar Hornet from Forge World. I love most of the Eldar models from Forge World and prefer them over the recent GW Wraithknight and Crimson Hunter kits. With the Hornet, I really like how they took the Falcon aesthetic and turned it into a smaller, more streamlined craft. I haven't built a resin vehicle model before, and as usually when working with resin I managed to snap some pieces off which I had to reattach after. I even managed to cut myself twice, I haven't cut my fingers in years. So yeah, there are some rough spots on this model, but hopefully it won't be too visible once the painting is complete. So far I applied a base coat and some basic shading with my airbrush. Actually what you can see above is my second try. My first go at airbrushing the Hornet looked horrible with very uneven gradients. But now I feel I made a good start and can proceed to some good old brush work.

What do you think of Forge World's Eldar models?