Just finished up Golgfag who is to fight against Durthu in our Dimensional Cascade Podcast heavy weight pit match. Hilarious name aside, Golgfag Maneater is the ultimate mercenary and a capable opponent. I like the idea of painting up some of the other Maneaters to use with him as my mercenary allotment in Triumph and Treachery games.  

I didn't try anything fancy or overly technical on this model and I stuck to the studios color choices. 

There are some rather large bubbles in the casting that I didn't notice until I got paint on him so the muzzle of his pistol looks like a squig took a bite out of it. Also half the handle to his boot knife either was miscast or broke off and I didn't notice until late in the process. 

It is a fun model to paint and the larger scale is more forgiving and didn't take any longer than a human sized character. A full Ogre army would probably be a whole lot of fun and fast to paint up.

I love this shot. Really gives you the sense of scale that the new Treeman kit has. 

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