Here he is, Settra the Imperishable aka "Settra Himself!" pimpin' it on The Chariot of the Gods. This was a really fun model to work on and I am happy with final piece. Now he is now ready for his turn in The Pit against Durthu. 

Both the fluff and rules for this guy are awesome and I think he will nuke Durthu in one epic turn. I haven't done the mathammer on it but he seems to have all the tools needed. One good roll on The Chariot of the Gods impact hits could make it the shortest Pit match ever.

When I started this one I decided to break it down into three sub assemblies. The horses and bases, the chariot and Settra Himself! The horses were boring to paint and very obviously the weakest part of the model. To put a positive spin on it, the fact they are so plain really lets the chariot and Settra Himself! pop. 

The turquoise, red and bronze is such a pleasing combo both to paint and look at. If I was to do a whole Tomb King army I would continue with it. 

Garfy mentioned that he painted this model back when it was metal and had a rough time with assembly. I will say that the Finecast glues very easy but so much of this model is very thin that the final piece is extremely delicate. Also, like all Finecast the pieces were extremely warped and required heat bending to prep for assembly. In spite of this the model is still wanting to warp back to the shapes it was left to cure out of the mold. In the pic above this is obvious in the banner pole which is progressively curling back ... sigh. I give it two months before the tip of his pole arm is poking one of his horsies in the bum.

I went ahead and made Settra Himself! his own base ... for when the Chariot of the Gods gets "beech slapped" and subsequently pulverized. 

For the beetle swarming on him I did a gloss varnish which really makes them pop in normal light but get drastically flattened under the light boxes. I just remembered have some interference paint I am considering brushing on them too which would give them a green shimmer. 

Episode 9 of The Dimensional Cascade Podcast is up now. Give it a listen and you can hear how close Golgfag Maneater actually came to turning Durthu into kindling. Episode 10 is scheduled to record next week in which we will do our Wood Elf army book review and play out the match of Durthu and Settra the Imperishable. Subscribe on iTunes to listen as soon as it drops.

Happy painting all!