Guys, remember the tactical squad I retouched a while ago? Now I finally got around to take some pictures of the updated models. More pictures after the jump, including a comparison with what the models looked like before!

Basically I refined the highlights, added some static grass to the bases to make them more interesting, and replaced freehands with decals or refined them. This squad was painted somewhere around the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010. My brushwork improved considerably since then so the models from back then don't look so nice beside my recently finished models.

This is the first tactical squad of the Ultramarines' second company, squad Solinus, "The Indomitable". Based on some old 2nd edition background I made one squad member a corporal to command the second combat squad, in case the squad breaks up. It's the model with the freehanded red iron halo insignia. Much to my delight I noticed the reworked tactical squad kit comes with an iron halo shoulder pad than can be used to denote the corporal, but back then I had to freehand.

This is what the squad used to look like. The hues look differently because of a different camera and lighting setup, and as the picture is quite small it's hard to spot the differences apart from the grass and the tactical markings.

What do you think? Was it worth to revisit some older models to bring them up to scratch? When was the last time you reworked some models - or can't you bother with your older paint jobs? Tell me in the comments.