Durthu, Elder of Athel Loren, a Treeman so ancient the Venerable Lord Kroak looks young and spry in comparison. He was first of the ancients to champion the Wood Elves and helped forge the union of the tree spirits and the Elves. Unfortunately, taking a cannon ball to the face has left him a bit grumpy and now he rages with blood lust for the enemies of Athel Loren.

On our last episode of the Dimensional Cascade Podcast Shadowblade and Sigvald killed each other simultaneously. We thought this a good opportunity to do a heavy weight category for the next recording. With the release of the new Wood Elves book, Durthu was a must. We are pitting him against Golgfag Maneater from the Ogre Kingdoms who is on my painting table now.

This kit is amazingly detailed and I was almost overwhelmed with the options available to assemble. You really could create three very unique Treemen for your collection with no trouble at all. Add in some minor conversion work and you could likely have four or even five.

In the end I decided to use all the pieces that are specifically for Durthu (the skull loin cloth, skull shoulder pads, face and head topper) but changed his pose. This was so simple to do with just changing out a few of the joint pieces on the arms it felt like cheating. So now my Durthu is holding his sword out as if in challenge. His left hand is held up ready to loose his Lamentation of Despairs on his enemies.

The Lamentation of Despairs was made with one of the Spite bits in the kit attached to the palm of his hand. Then painted with some basic OSL in blue to make it look like it is glowing a bit. The blue gave the model some much needed contrast.