I recently finished the Hornet, which was a test model for all the forthcoming vehicles in my Iybraesil army. I've planned to have quite a few - another Hornet to form a pair, also two Wave Serpents, a Fire Prism, a Crimson Hunter and a full squad of War Walkers. Quite a lot of models, so I need to get going. Next up is a War Walker then, a model which I really like. I made some small changes though. For the base, I used a plain 60 mm one garnered with some High Elf rubble pieces, instead of using the scenic base the kit comes with. I magnetized the weapons, using the ones from the Wave Serpent weapon sprue to create a more streamlined silhouette like on the Wasp walker from Forgeworld. So fair I did all the airbrush work, laying down the basecoats and applying highlights to the turquoise hull. What do you think?