Today on the blog I revisit my half finished Ork Dreadnought. More pics after the jump. 

I last posted an update to this project on the 16th of May. Just over a month later I've returned to finish off this project. Progress so far is going well, the tricky parts (the greenstuff banner and the pilot) are painted. Having seen Games Workshop release the incredible Gorkanaut this month it really goes to show how far the company has come in 20 years. This smallish sized metal Dread used to be the centre piece of the Ork range back in the 90s, now it's no bigger than a Killer Kan which people take three of and they're not even the centre pieces! I think Ghazkull is bigger than this model!

What do you think so far? Do you think I should weather the Deffdread or leave it factory clean?