I'm taking a short break from painting Eldar models and add a new toy to my Ultramarines. I heard Thunderfire Cannons have become quite a popular choice, and I don't have a Techmarine in my collection yet. So I got my hands on the model, I think it shouldn't be too difficult to paint as it mainly consists of metal areas.

Assembling the cannon wasn't an as horrible experience as some people make it to be. However, it was tedious, and some of the thinner resin pieces of the Techmarine snapped. I tried my best to repair these parts but it wasn't always possible, a bummer really. I hope it won't detract from the finished model too much. Notice the custom base I built from a 60 mm base I sawed in two halves, two 20 mm bases and plasticard and green stuff to fill the gaps. The base adds more stability and as bikes come on bases nowadays, too, it just feels right to put the cannon on a base as well.

What do you think? Has anyone assembled a Thunderfire cannon here? What was your experience?