Here he is, Malagor the Dark Omen. A Beastmen Bray-Shaman with a couple of unique rules and access to several of the better lores of magic. He is all but worshipped by other Beastmen who consider him the herald of doom for mankind.

His amazing fluff aside he is rather a bargin for his points. However, there are reasons that you will seldom (if ever) see him on the field. This is mostly do to the rules for flying characters and the insane accuracy and killing power of cannon in 8th edition WFB.

I am super pleased with this model. For an older sculpt it is highly detailed and not flat and boring. The feathers of the wings are really the only part that fell short. The silhouette and over all scale of the wings aren't bad, it is the feathers and their thickness at the edges. Really makes you appreciate how awesome the wings on the the new kits like the Scourges or Skycutter are. If you decide to add this beauty to your collection I would suggest toying with a wing swap.

This last shot shows how I positioned him pretty far forward on the rock. Something that is super easy to do with lightweight Finecast and gives the model some movement ... and makes me think of the Lion King.