Hey guys, remember the Hornet I painted for my craftworld Iybraesil a couple of weeks ago? I finally got around adding transfers and taking some proper pictures, so please enjoy a whole load of pictures after the jump.

The Hornet was my first resin vehicle kit and I experienced a steep learning curve while putting it together. I made some beginners mistakes, like snapping brittle pieces or washing the resin parts before cleaning, not after (which meant I trapped a lot of little resin dust particles under the primer which created some rough surfaces).

Painting wasn't without challenges, too. My first attempt at airbrushing the turquoise gradients turned out horrible, and I had to completey start from scratch again. I also managed to spill glue on the canopy after it was painted, meaning I had to repaint the canopy as well. And last but not least, I knocked on my cardboard spray booth while I was varnishing the model, so a lot of old primer particles clinging to the walls trickled onto the wet varnish... I managed to scrape away most of it, but then I needed to retouch even more areas of the model. You see, this model gave me quite a lot of headaches.

Well, I'm relieved the model is finished now. In case you're wondering, the black stripe patterns are custom decals designed by myself and printed on decal paper. I also added a Hornet rune decal. There is no official Hornet rune, so I invented my own by combining the Vyper and Fire Prism rune.

How do you like the model? I heard Hornets are pretty good on the tabletop, so I already bought a second one. Hopefully the second one will be easier to work with and turn out better ;)