Hello troops, once again its been a while and for that my sincere apologies. My gratitude as always to my fellow bloggers for wholeheartedly holding down the fort while the less committed among us (read - Rev) swan about painting slowly and posting even slower! Enough rambling - find after the jump my take on some Tempestus Scions in the form of a group attached to an imperial Inquisitor. These are a sort of Killzone/Kasrkin/Lucifers crossover unit. I was pretty happy with how they turned out....

So first up, I created 20 of them. The client brief was a behind enemy lines build (i.e. no great cloaks and standards etc), with each man able to fight his own corner. So even vox operators and medics etc are carrying longs. The vox operators I wanted to have some fun with so went for a number of different builds/poses more along a communications theme than a 'I'm on the phone requesting air support theme'.

The paint scheme was pretty easy to achieve. Undercoated white and washed with a light brown to dirty them up and add some shading. I then weathered with skavenblight dinge and then silver using a sponge.

The unit Commander was fun to build. A bigger slate base to give an stronger impression and the only chap to wear a Beret rather than PPE.

You can see even the platoon Sgts are carrying longs on their baggage, even though they are armed with CC weapons. The flamer nozzle was washed with some green and purple before being drybrushed black.

The three BT engineers (that's a British 'in-joke' referring to our rubbish telecommunications industry) are three I tried to get with very different looks. One is demonstrating to his kids what not to do in a lightning storm.

Two disgruntled BT customers. Say no more.

The Medic and two platoon Sgts.

And finally Inquisitor Von Luzembourg (insert silly GW style name here). Painted to match.

Next project, possibly some Harlequins on bikes. Its been on the burner for a while.

Rev out.