Hey guys, today I present you the finished Thunderfire Cannon including its Techmarine operator, painted for my Ultramarines collection. More detailed pictures of both the Cannon and the Techmarine after the jump.


The first thing that strikes the eye is probably the custom base. I sawed a 60 mm round base in two halves and used two 20mm square bases for extending (and some plastic card and green stuff to fill the gaps) . I think the base adds a lot to the model, it's more stable and bring the cannon on the same level as the Techmarine.

Assembling the cannon was a bit tricky, as they made the model overly complicated with lots of small parts. Painting wasn't too hard though. I applied a basecoat of Boltgun Metal with my airbrush and then it was mainly washing and drybrushing apart for some of the details.

When I built the Techmarine, I managed to snap some of the delicate resin parts. Annoying. I did my best to repair them, but it wasn't always possible, so I had to make some concessions on the final model. Hopefully it's not too noticable.

Painting-wise I chose a classic all red armour paint scheme, with just a couple of blue hints. Painting the armour was pretty fun, because it's the first model in my Ultramarines army with such a large amount of red areas. Painting all those servo harnish arms was a drag though, and I think you can tell when you look at the model. Some of the highlights look a bit rushed I admit, but at an arm length it's ok I guess.

How do you like my Techmarine and his huge toy?