The Black Legion continue to gather support with the addition of a Rhino. I need a Rhino for my foot slogging Chosen who are failing to make an impact on the game. Read on to discover how I possessed this machine's spirit.
The most striking thing about this work in progress shot is the freehand. I've carefully painted these by hand. They took three nights to complete (5 to 6 hours). I didn't mask them off and airbrush them because I wanted them to be so precise and crisp. I think it worked.

I quite like airbrushing the main armour of Rhinos. They're really angular and by using the straight edge of a piece of card you can mask off areas and get nice highlights on the edges. I've used Eshin Grey and Dawnstone to highlight the tank. Stahly warned me about airbrushing tanks saying that they can look too highlighted and I agree with him. But the use of Abaddon Black through the airbrush to give the tank a light misting tones down the highlighting a lot. For more information on airbrushing tanks I have this in-depth tutorial.

I thought this was a neat idea. I'd paint all the screens as the Eye of Horus. I like the idea that the machine is possessed.

I want to add two meltaguns to my squad of Chosen so I can shoot from the top hatch. I've also given the Rhino a combi-melta. This should really help as an anti tank unit. The Rhino will also have a Dirgecaster which will help my small unit not get shot to pieces by overwatch.